Have you ever been invited to go somewhere last minute and had no time to buy anything new or are on a tight budget? Well we have you covered on how to use your wardrobe staples to create a new look whenever you need, without buying new clothes.

Having fashion accessories is the key to changing your wardrobe looks and either dressing your outfit up or creating a bit of personality to your plain coloured outfits during the day.
Here are a few tips for accessory essentials that every girl needs for plenty of outfit options on the go.

For plain outfits with no prints we suggest bold or bling statement earrings or necklaces if you’re looking for a bit of glam for those night time events. If you have a bold statement necklace, its best to wear matching little studs in the same colour or no earrings at all. To finish this look tee, it back with a statement clutch in the same colours.

For casual outfits during the day wear your fun bright accessories with a kaftan or sundress. Or if you’re a jeans and T-shirt girl, a nice pair of small funky earrings work well. If you’re the classic day dresser often wearing a blouse and pants, a long necklace with little studs or bracelet completely changes your look from plain to classy.

For the bold print wearer, if its bright keep your accessories simple or it can look to busy with too many colours. If you love wearing a lot of black and white prints then adding one plain bold colour like a beaded necklace or earrings can be the perfect way to create the finishing look.

If you love colour but never have the courage to wear bright colours then why not wear bright accessories instead? This will give you that pop of colour without feeling like you’re standing out.

Be inspired by some of our accessory combinations with our favourite outfit selections!

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